1. When can you train others?

This system will develop some practical skills in you. As soon it becomes evident that your skills are advanced and that you are capable of training others, you will be taking this road comfortably.

2. Will this system let you earn?

Yes, it does. The system is created in a way which will not only let you learn but earn as well. It is termed as Learn+Earn phenomenon.

3. Whom do you have to pay the subscription fee?

If you want to earn, first you have to pay a monthly subscription to your mentor, who is going to spend time and energy in developing your skills.

4. How can you earn from this system?

You can only receive a monthly payment from your trainee when you pay to your mentor. You pay a monthly subscription for training and get trained. Once it is done, you repeat the process by getting paid and letting others trained.

5. Will you share the monthly subscription paid by Trainee to your Mentor?

You are not bound to pay anything to your mentor. Hundred (100%) percent of your monthly subscription will be paid to your mentor. Likewise, when your trainee pays you, you will receive Hundred (100%) of it.

6. Is there a monthly subscription fee to be paid to stay in the system?

If you want to earn then you will have to pay a mindey subscription. It will be monthly basis which will be paid to your mentor and you will get monthly payments from all your trainees.

7. What if you don't pay a monthly subscription fee?

One thing to be kept in mind is that if you do not pay the the subscription fee of a single month to your mentor, the monthly subscription fee which your trainee pays, will go directly to the Direct Universal Skills account and your trainee will be under the supervision of Universal Skills.

7.1 What happens during the period when you do not pay your monthly subscription?

Unless you submit your monthly subscription, all of your trainees will be paying their monthly subscription to the Universal Skills account and they will be counted as Universal Skills' trainees.

7.2 Can you get back your lost trainee?

You can never take back your lost trainees.

7.3 The thing you must be careful about the monthly subscription?

One thing will be taken into consideration is: you have to pay your subscription fee on time.

8. What is the the amount of monthly subscription?

The monthly subscription fee you pay to your Mentor is One Thousand to Ten Thousand Pakistani Rupees for Pakistani users; USD5 to USD5000 for other countries' users. The exact amount depends on your mentors who set the charges for their trainees. Similarly, it is up to you how much you set a monthly subscription for your trainees which can be varied from One Thousand to Ten Thousand Pakistani Rupees for Pakistani users and USD5 to USD5000 for other countries' users per month.

9. How many times can you make a money transfer request in a month?

In this system the request to transfer money to your personal bank account is made only once in a month. You must wait 30 days to submit the next request.

10. How many days the money transfer request takes to be completed?

The Universal Skills will process your request within four to seven working days and the money will be transfered to your personal bank account.

You can write us an email at care@universalskills.co for any query or suggestion