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No such system has been introduced in the world yet. It is the first system that exposes humans to their hidden qualities and trainers always polish hidden skills of their trainees.

Once you become a part of this system, you will start to see prominent qualities within yourself within two to three days. You do not have to do anything special to become a part of this system, but you must have a smartphone and internet connection. First you need to learn it and then you will be able to teach.

After creating your profile a new screen will appear, this is your dashboard which contains some useful stats. Now click on the menubar button where you will see an option labelled “My Skills”. Click on it and the “My Skills” screen will be opened. Create your skills turn by turn (these are actually those skills which you will give to your trainees).

The next step is to create your Whiteboard. Click on “My Whiteboard” which is located on the Menubar.

The purpose of this screen is to show your training stuff to your trainees and on which day and time you will give training. Similarly, you can see your mentor’s skills and whiteboard. Click on My Mentor Skills & My Mentor Whiteboard on menubar.

Understand that this system will help to develop skills within you, when you are comfortable that your skills are developed and you are able to give training then you may start giving training to others.

You can also earn from this system as the purpose of the system is not just learning but earning as well. 

If you want to earn then first you must pay the fee to your Mentor who has invested their time to help you develop your skills. You can only get a fee from your trainee when you pay the fee to your Mentor.

Go to menubar and click on “Pay My Fee”. A screen will open where your mentor’s name and code will be mentioned. If you agree with paying the stated monthly fee to your mentor then click on the “PAY FEE” button. The fee will be transferred to your mentor's account. Some amount will be deducted as service charges, which is mentioned in our terms & conditions.

Give training to your trainees and whenever they pay their fee that amount will be transferred to your account, terms and conditions will also apply here.

You can see your entire trainees list by clicking on “My Team” which is also located on the menubar. This screen shows all of your trainees’ basic information and you may also contact them directly. Your aim is to help them develop new skills.

At the end of month you can generate your earnings draw request (terms & conditions will apply). Click on “My Earnings Draw” from the menubar. A request form will be opened, fill out this form and click submit. The company will take action between 2 to 3 working days and transfer your requested earnings in to your bank account.

The purpose of this system is to develop learning and earning skills in people and make their lives better.

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